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講師名 清水良文 准教授  (九州大学理学研究院)
期日 11月27日(火)
場所 理学部棟A314
発表概要 最近我々のグループでは量子数射影法という理論的枠組みを用いた原子核構造の研究を進めている。特に、角運動量射影法によりエキゾチックは変形状態や回転状態のスペクトルを微視的立場から計算することが可能になり、いくつかの興味深い結果を得ている。ここではエキゾチックな変形状態として正四面体型の変形状態の分析と、エキゾチックな回転状態としてウォブリング回転バンド及びカイラル二重項回転バンド の分析について報告したい。
Semiclassical shell-structure moment of inertia within the phase-space approach
講師名 A.G. Magner 教授  (Institute for Nuclear Research, Kyiv)
期日 11月11日(木)
場所 理学部棟A314
発表概要 This is mainly about the POT (periodic-orbit theory) relation between the shell correction to the collective moment of inertia and free-energy shell correction within the cranking model with application to the rotations of the spheroidal cavity. I would shortly discuss also in this respect the superdeformed shell structure and orbit bifurcations, and nuclear prolate-oblate shapes as perspectives.
Two-neutron correlations in the ground and excited states of 6He
講師名 菊地 右馬 博士  (理研 仁科センター)
期日 9月18日(木)
場所 理学部棟A314
発表概要 In two-neutron halo nuclei, the importance of two-neutron correlation in their binding mechanisms has been suggested from the core+n+n three-body calculations. This two-neutron correlation is characterized as the spatially-localized n-n pair, the so-called dineutron, and has attracted much attention from both theoretical and experimental sides. In this talk, we discuss the dineutron correlations in the ground and excited states of two-neutron halo nuclei by using two kinds of reactions. For the excited states, we consider the nuclear breakup reaction of 6He. We investigate the decay mode of the 2+ resonant state, which is populated by the breakup reaction by 12C at 240 MeV/nucleon, and discuss the role of two-neutron correlation in decay from the 2+ resonance. For the ground state, we investigate the neutron knockout reaction of 6He. In quasifree knockout reactions, the knocked-out neutron is free from final-state interactions, and it is expected that we could extract the ground-state information from the observables. We discuss the possibility of direct measurement of dineutron correlation in the knockout reaction.


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