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Bound state approaches to elastic scattering
J. Mitroy 氏       (School of Engineering,Charles Darwin UniversityDarwin, NT, 0909)
1月25日(月曜日) 13:00
理学部A棟3階 A314
For a variety of reasons the scattering problem is technically a much more difficult problem to solve than the bound state problem. We have developed various approaches to solving low energy elastic scattering problems based on bound state calculations. The underlying idea is to solve the bound state problem to generate a wave function in the interaction region, then try and extract the phase shifts from the wave function or the discrete energies. Some of the applications include, positronium scattering and annihilation from atoms, positron scattering from atoms and the first identification of a shape resonance in the spectrum of any positron-atom system, superaccurate calculations of electron scattering from hydrogen and helium, positron scattering from the H2 molecule. One recent technical development is the development of the confined variational method (CVM). The CVM is well adapted to use with the stochastic variational method and recently provided the first description of the positron-H2 system with a completely unrestricted treatment of the strong electron-positron correlations that have made this a very difficult treatment to treat.
Present status of microscopic theories for nucleon-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus interactions.
櫻木 弘之 氏(大阪市立大学)
12月3日(木曜日) 14:40
理学部A棟3階 A314
HFB calculations of neutron vortices in the inner crust of neutron stars.
Paolo Avogadro氏     (理研仁科センター中務原子核理論研究室)
11月5日(木曜日) 13:30
理学部A棟3階 A314
中務 孝     (理研仁科センター中務原子核理論研究室、新潟大学客員教員)
10月29日(木曜日) 14:40
理学部A棟3階 A314
Microscopic description of the two-body correlation density in the ground state and the excited states of nuclei
水山一仁 氏    (ユバスキラ大学)
7月30日(木曜日) 13:30
理学部A棟3階 A314


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